Release Date: Feb 02, 2007
Innervision Records
1. Tropica
2. Will Call
3. More Sway
4. Whatcha See is Whatcha Get  
5. Highway 111
6. Wanting
7. Speak My Heart
8. I'll Be Around
9. Morning.Noon.Night  
10. Crystal Silence
features signature guitar stars Steve Oliver and Blake Aaron.  

Café Jazz Radio: “So who will be the next rising sax star in Smooth Jazz? There are an
ever-increasing number of music lovers that feel that it not only should be, but in fact will
be Will Donato… After you hear his music, I'm betting that you too will eagerly be adding
your voice to the ever-growing chorus that is shouting Donato's name…”

can't think of anyone who has heard it and hasn't been thrilled. This is one of the
freshest, strongest, and most original releases out there. Hopefully the word will spread,
because Will Call is one that no smooth jazz fan should be deprived of hearing.”
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Physical CD: Distribution13  
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